Title:-:CU2SQ|-|Description:-:The CU2SQ Series offers quality and value with a compact and attractive LED based emergency light. The white or black housing and lamp-heads are made of high impact UL flame rated thermoplastic. The square LED lamp-heads are fully adjustable and glare-free. Snap together design for quick and easy installation with option of wall or ceiling mount. The remote capacity unit will run 2 Compass CIR/COR Series single remote lamp-heads or 1 double CIR/COR remote.|-|Meta:-:32,11684-437911-cu2sq,LED life-cycle of more than 10 years;Quick Installation;Dual-voltage 120 or 277V AC input;Includes long-life Nickel Cadmium battery for UL recognized 90 minute emergency lighting;Remote capacity or extended runtime option;Fully adjustable lamp-heads;Provided with test switch and AC-On indicator;Wall or Ceiling Mount;,products/installation_manual/437911-comp_cu2sq_psg9sz.pdf,Yes,,cu2sq-square-head-led-emergency-light,;;, Life Safety Selection Guide.pdf; LifeSafety.pdf,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,||/home/tlr/public_html/lr-resources/products/specs/437911-com_cu2sq_speccms.pdf,||/home/tlr/public_html/lr-resources/products/ies_files/437911-cu2sqzjk.ies|-|Cat:-:Exit/Emergency|-|Filter:-:LED|-|Tag:-:Adjustable Emergency Light,Emergency Light,Square Emergency Light,Square Head Emergency Light|-|Manu:-:Compass Lighting