HDL11-ACS Taos

Title:-:HDL11-ACS Taos|-|Description:-:An HDL11 Taos pendant is the perfect option for use with our exclusive ACS. (Aurora Catenary System). With several optic and shroud options ranging from a discreet NS up to an 8″ acrylic lens, four optical choices, three sizes of festoon lenses, the HDL11 is highly configurable. The Taos is a perfect choice for many hospitality, retail plaza, or residential applications.|-|Meta:-:1168,34766-839783-hdl11-acs-taos,https://auroralight.com/wp-content/uploads/product-assets/images/products/hdl11-acs/hdl11-acs-xy-dimensions-a.jpg; https://auroralight.com/wp-content/uploads/product-assets/images/products/hdl11-acs/hdl11-acs-xy-dimensions-b.jpg,,,,,,,,,,,Interchangeable LED Module in 2, 4 or 6 Watts up to 345 lumens; Interchangeable UV & Shock Resistant Silicone Optic; 2700K (80 & 90 CRI) or 3000K (80 CRI); Thermally Integrated and Field Serviceable LED Module; Dimmable to <10 percent Triac/Forward Phase) via compatible Transformer; Compatible w/ 12V AC/DC ELV or MLV Transformers; Also available with Rigid and Hanging Mount Options (See HDL11-RM and HDL11-HL); Pre-assembled System for Easy Installation; Compatible with Catenary Cable up to 1/4″ dia. (by others); Rigid Mount utilizes Swivel-Pro™ allowing up to 15° of cable swag; Cable Brake System™ prevents luminaire slippage; J-box and Luminaire Machined from Solid c3600 Brass Alloy; UL Approved System; Also available with Non-Catenary Rigid and Hanging Mount Options (See HDL11-RM and HDL11-HL),,,,,,,,,,,,,,https://auroralight.com/product/hdl11-acs-taos/,,,old,Yes,Yes,hdl11-acs-taos-2,,,https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/cutsheets.auroralight.com/HDL11-ACS+Taos+Cut+Sheet.pdf||/home/tlr/public_html/lr-resources/products/specs/839783-hdl11-acs-taos-cut-sheetsfs.pdf|-|Cat:-:Catenary/String|-|Filter:-:LED,Made in USA|-|Tag:-:Catenar|-|Manu:-:Auroralight

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