Title:-:CRS-3555|-|Description:-:The CRS-3555 series by Certolux is a specification-grade, LED surface mount, overlapping door, IP65 luminaire, for ISO Class 5 – 8 Cleanrooms. The overlapping single piece door design provides for a continuous seal to the sealed housing. Completely sealed unit to minimize insect and vermin infiltration. For use in Hazardous Location Class I Div 2, Class II Div 2, Class III listed (consult ordering key for configurations).|-|Meta:-:1090,986856-995686-crs-3555,products/additional-pdf/995686-crs-3555-onmox.jpg,products/additional-pdf/995686-crs_3555_2x20bm.png,products/additional-pdf/995686-crs_3555_1x4fev.png,products/additional-pdf/995686-crs-3555_led_crs_3555_2x4-1gbe.png,;;;;;,,,,,,,,,,; Healthcare, Hospitals; 1×2, 1×4, 2×2, 2×4; CER; 80 – 89; Built to CSA & UL Standards, Class I Div 2, Class I Zone 2, Class II Div 2, Class III, CSA Listed (C/US), ETL Listed (C/US), IP65, ISO Class 5-8, NSF component listed, UL Listed (C/US), Zone 22; 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K; Cleanroom, General Area, Hazardous Location, Surface, Vapour Resistant; Specification Grade; LED; 1001-1500, 2001-3000, 3001-4000, 5001-10000, 10001-20000; Cleanroom & Containment, Healthcare,,,,,,,,Yes,,,,,,,,|-|Cat:-:Ceiling/Surface Mount|-|Filter:-:LED|-|Tag:-:Clean Room Surface,Hazardous Location|-|Manu:-:Certolux by Viscor

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