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Cylindrix III Mini (C3M) Retrofit Multiples Add to wishlist

This powerful, compact member of our Cylindrix family enhances your design aesthetics. The new Cylindrix III Mini Multiples consist of tiny, passively cooled LED heads, with full dimming capacity. They deliver brilliant colors and crispest whites, utilizing a patent pending, field changeable optical system. Available in 1, 2, 3 or 4 light configurations. These retrofits snap right into existing Amerlux housings of halogen or ceramic metal halide, and do not require professional installation.  They provide provides a quick, easy, elegant way to completely renew your store’s look, and also to create better cost-efficiencies and savings.

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Spec Sheets


IES Files

LTL13609366 15 C3M 21 SP 3000SAN.IES

LTL13609366 16 C3M 21 VNF 3000UHP.IES

LTL13609366 17 C3M 21 NF 3000M9R.IES

LTL13609366 18 C3M 21 FL 3000HUA.IES

LTL13609366 19 C3M 21 WF 3000ATZ.IES

LTL1170140 C3M 18 VNSPP 3000E5D.IES

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2,125 max

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