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Evoke 2.9" Round Downlight Family Add to wishlist

Improving on the Evoke® 2.9 LED fixture. It is now available with higher performance LED module providing 11W, 18W or 20W of lighting power. Featuring the fit, finish and attention to detail of the existing Evoke line, bringing true performance and control in a LED round or square fixed downlight, adjustable, wall washer and pinhole. Everything you desire from a small aperture recessed downlight with lumen delivery, energy efficiency, dimming control and color consistency is now a reality in Evoke.; Products marked with PoE logo will be compatible for use with PoE, consult factory for compatible systems.

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IES Files

LTL1178257 E2 9RD HP A15 20 120 SDW SP 3000WBA.IES

LTL1178258 E2 9RD HP A15 20 120 SDW NF 3000WNM.IES

LTL1178259 E2 9RD HP A15 20 120 SDW MFL 3000NDN.IES

LTL1178260 E2 9RD HP A15 20 120 SDW FL 3000TXQ.IES

LTL1178261 E2 9RD HP A15 20 120 SDW WF 3000PLJ.IES

LTL1178262 E2 9RD HP A15 20 120 SDW VWF 3000Q65.IES

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1,232 max


20 max

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