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The Ouro Edge-Lit is part of the Ouro architectural family of luminaires which scales from the parking lot requiring high mounting heights down to pedestrian scale cityscapes. Ouro Edge-lit enhance the site by day and provides visual comfort and security by night providing a solution for the entire project.

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Spec Sheets


IES Files

UR20 96L 135 3K7 2M PTITD.IES

UR20 96L 30 3K7 2M PTV2T.IES

UR20 96L 50 3K7 2M PTVKN.IES

UR20 96L 70 3K7 2M PTPBF.IES

UR20 96L 90 3K7 2M PTK4B.IES

UR20 96L 135 3K7 3 PT787.IES

UR20 96L 30 3K7 3 PTZRF.IES

UR20 96L 50 3K7 3 PT5OO.IES

UR20 96L 70 3K7 3 PTWDV.IES

UR20 96L 90 3K7 3 PTPGU.IES

UR20 192L 110 3K7 5W PTDVP.IES

Fixture Details



Features Benefits:

Edge-Lit light guide for low glare, no hot-spot, enhanced visual comfort;IP66 and 4G/1.5G vibration rated;Type 2 medium, Type 3 Short, Type 5 Wide;Superior fixture spacing, uniformity, and performance;Exceptional light distribution and high peak angels to maximize street side lumen utilization;High performance optics up to 15,227 delivered lumens;SiteSync(TM) wireless control and motion sensor options;



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