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Slots & Dots 48V Track System Add to wishlist

Slots & Dots is an easily configurable low voltage track lighting system that creates visual ambience for hospitality, residential, commercial and retail environments. Featuring surface, recessed or pendant mounting options, with magnetic lighting modules so light sources can be easily snapped in and out as needed. Slots are made up of linear modules to create visual interest, wall grazing and glare free accent. Dots deliver focused beams of light from either an accent, pendant or surface mounted accent that bring items into focus.

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Spec Sheets





IES Files

LTL12914370 01 DOT A1L SP 309 DALI O1T.IES

LTL12914370 02 DOT A1L NF 309 DALI GUJ.IES

LTL12914370 03 DOT A1L FL 309 DALI SJM.IES

LTL12914370 04 DOT A2L SP 309 DALI JSB.IES

LTL12914370 05 DOT A2L NF 309 DALI QVU.IES

LTL12914370 07 DOT A2L FL 309 DALI ZKB.IES

LTL12914370 08 DOT A2L WF 309 DALI FBS.IES

Fixture Details


1,206 max


6W/Ft, 16 max

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- Track/Rail

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