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» Formal-Forward Lighting (1 LU) Course Number: FRFL1

This course provides a primer on introductory concepts of architectural design and its translation into lighting design that goes beyond the limits of downlighting and traditional linear and transcends into exceptional statement pieces. This course will cover the basic relationship between form versus function and provide examples in support of a form-driven argument for modern-day lighting.

» Merging Lighting and Acoustics 101 (1 LU | HSW) Course Number: SNDMGT1

This is a truly up-to-date COVID presentation, because it deals with UVGI upper room/upper air disinfection – with an eye toward more “architectural” solutions. The attached handout reflects the graphics, etc. that were used when Dave presented at Lightfair 2021 in New York. Preparations for more recent engagements like IALD Enlighten have resulted in some refinements to many of the slides/graphics.

» Paint with Light (1 LU | HSW) Course Number: DCLG1

This course illustrates the latest development in dynamic lighting and how different variations of dynamic lighting can be utilized when planning and designing any space. Dynamic lighting can be utilized to enhance spaces, most importantly influencing human health through mood, energy, productivity, and relaxation. The main three types of dynamic lighting covered in this course are Tunable White, Smart Hue RGB+White, and Dims to Warm, which can be powerfully utilized for creating positive experiences in hospitals, grocery stores, hospitality businesses, and more.


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