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1. Plane Lighting – Elective Credit / Design Category

The attached PDF isn’t the entireshow – it simply contains a few static screen shots in handout format, to give you some idea of the content. One of the slides shown on the first page includes the Course Description and Learning Objectives.

2. Lighting and the Collaborative Workplace – HSW

Once again, the PDF is just an abridged version. Many of the slide graphics have been refreshed since I created this summary handout. And, Dave Pfund is always looking for opportunities to integrate any updates on shifting trends in the post-COVID world.

3. Let’s Clear the Air – HSW

This is a truly up-to-date COVID presentation, because it deals with UVGI upper room/upper air disinfection – with an eye toward more “architectural” solutions. The attached handout reflects the graphics, etc. that were used when Dave presented at Lightfair 2021 in New York. Preparations for more recent engagements like IALD Enlighten have resulted in some refinements to many of the slides/graphics.


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